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Solutions & Industries

Wherever you work, whatever you do, secure your supply chains with Guardtime Federal.

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Guardtime Federal uses KSI Technology to secure missions of all kinds. Being use case independent, our solutions can adapt to your specific needs. Whether you’re a part of the physical, digital, or information ecosystem, our innovations attest to your digital integrity.

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Digital Assurance for Your Supply Chain

Software Supply Chain

KSI® Dockets provide the integrity, attribution, and provenance required from a supplier's delivery through deployment in the software development supply chain.

Physical Supply Chain

KSI® Dockets are evidence of authenticity in a digital thread proving a part’s provenance throughout its design, manufacture, delivery and support.

Information Supply Chain

KSI® Dockets guarantee the authenticity of the multi-domain information required for weapon systems, commanders, and operators to prevail in today’s fight and in the future.

Department of Defense

Weapon systems, commanders, and operators require trusted and actionable information to prevail in today's fight.

By using Guardtime Federal products, our Nation's warfighters and those in harm's way can have confidence in the data that drives their mission.


Both civilian and military aircraft rely on parts, data, and communications to operate safely and effectively. KSI technology provides assurance that these products are authentic and attributable to trusted sources.

Your secure Dockets allow all contributors to work with one another along the life of the project easily and efficiently.


The information that guides missions can be collected from multiple, disparate sources and then combined to provide detailed situational awareness. KSI technology provides tools that provide attribution, integrity, and provenance across the processing, exploitation, and dissemination process.

Guardtime Federal looks forward to operationalizing integrity and chain of custody solutions that protect this Nation’s intelligence products.

Partner with Guardtime Federal to secure your digital integrity and support critical mission infrastructure.

Together we can build digital integrity solutions throughout national defense, aerospace, and intelligence applications.

Guardtime Federal