Digital Integrity in the National Defense Domain

 Guardtime Federal provides an immutable digital integrity service that is focused on data privacy and cross-boundary verification at high volume, making it an optimal solution for Aerospace, Defense, Intelligence, and High-Assurance Infrastructures.


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Multiple Missions


One Digital Thread


KSI® provides a permanent source for integrity and provenance across a program’s life cycle




Additive Manufacturing

Software Development

Digital Supply Chain

Protect the Entire Digital Supply Chain with KSI

KSI enabled software tools leverage distributed cryptography technology to allow for high-integrity workflow provenance – a digital thread – from design, to manufacturing, through the supply chain, and on through the sustainment of the delivered product.


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What the experts say about the importance of data integrity

“It’s all about the data… Every sensor on the battlefield, every sensor in space, every sensor on the ground has to be able to take the data and feed it into a common environment.”

– Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“For a long time, hacks were going after data for profit – and they still are. But what happens when the paradigm shifts, and instead of stealing data, the attackers start manipulating data so we can no longer trust our information to make decisions?”

– Admiral Mike Rogers, Director of the NSA

“I believe the next push on the envelope here is going to the manipulation or deletion of data, which will of course compromise integrity”

– James Clapper, Former Director of National Intelligence

Guardtime Federal has the Technology to Ensure Data Integrity Throughout your Organization


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