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Digital Integrity is only a few clicks away

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Digital Assurance Simplified

When accidents, insider threats and cyberattacks threaten to corrupt your vital files, DocketBuilder is there to guarantee your designs, intelligence, and other information retains digital integrity.

DocketBuilder gives you and your customers a peerless yet simple drag-and-drop application to guarantee your files haven’t been altered.

DocketBuilder simplifies compliance by lowering barriers to entry and giving you an easy way to request and verify KSI® signatures, the unique fingerprint that protects your files, the time and identity of the signer. DocketBuilder was designed to be user-friendly, flexible, and diligent at safeguarding your data.


DocketBuilder works in part by assembling your documents—designs, reports, and more—into Dockets.

A KSI Docket has two components: the files and data themselves and a KSI signature that links to the KSI Calendar trust anchor. Users build Dockets by adding files and metadata. Then, DocketBuilder creates a Docket file, similar to a .zip—except the Docket's KSI signature assures the integrity of the data and more.

The unique Docket KSI signature verifies who created the Docket, the integrity of the contents, and the exact time it was created down to the second. If any file in the Docket is altered, the original signature will no longer match, and you will know the files have been manipulated.

With DocketBuilder, digital integrity has never been so easy.

Digital Integrity Matters No Matter Your Size

Wherever you sit on the supply chain, you play a vital role in the final product and its mission. Ensuring your digital integrity, that your files are what you say they are, makes this possible with internal and external collaborators.

Whether you have one contributor or 100, using DocketBuilder allows you to easily implement the KSI security that’s essential to defense production.

DocketBuilder makes it simple for you to create templates to fit your workflow, with Blueprints that you can customize to accommodate all parties and steps involved in the process: from submission to feedback to approval.

Get out-of-the-box access to the Guardtime Federal KSI Calendar™, allowing you to deliver verified final products DoD manufacturers demand.

Guard against tomorrow’s cyber intrusions with DocketBuilder.

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Secure Your Digital Supply Chain

DocketBuilder safeguards your data by attaching an immutable KSI signature that allows you and everyone who receives your files to easily verify that the contents have not been altered.

Each second, the KSI Calendar rolls forward, meaning that if the same person were to request a signature for the exact same data even a second apart, the signatures would be completely different and unique for each request.

Each signature carries not just the unique fingerprint, but also the name of its creator and the time it was created, all cryptographically linked together and with the KSI Calendar, adding even more layers.

The ability for both you and your customers to confirm that your files are sound is crucial at any stage of the supply chain. That’s exactly what DocketBuilder gives you.

Our advanced technology is paving the way for digital integrity throughout the DoD.


Works Out-of-the-Box

Getting set up on DocketBuilder was made to be effortless and accessible to companies of all sizes.

The capability DocketBuilder gives you was previously only available to organizations with the technical staff and specialized knowledge to write their own applications.

DocketBuilder opens our cutting-edge KSI security to all organizations.

Our application was designed to provide data assurance with a lower barrier of entry, making outfits of all sizes more secure.

No complex deployments or integrations are needed. Just install on Mac & Windows systems.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Guardtime Federal is dedicated to ensuring DocketBuilder is easy for users to pick up, navigate, and customize to their workflows.

DocketBuilder features a clean and clear interface that helps users easily create, verify, and open their dockets. A simple drag-and-drop box is all you need to verify each Docket against the KSI Calendar trust anchor.

Create Dockets

DocketBuilder is more than just a powerful digital verification tool. We designed it to have a great user experience that makes it an essential tool for your everyday business.

To create a docket, it's as easy as choosing one of your organization’s Blueprint then filling out the fields and selecting any associated files you want contained inside the Docket.

That docket can then be shared with customers and collaborators in a single, convenient Docket (much like a .zip file). As projects expand, the original dockets and their contents can still be found and easily retrieved.

Design Blueprints

Your projects differ from each other: different contributors, customers, and processes are needed for different types of work. DocketBuilder Blueprints make it easy to set up the fields users need to fill out for a specific Docket. 

In other words, Blueprints are customizable templates that allow you to define the fields users need to fill out. This makes your workflow easy to enforce and saves time with each new project that comes your way.

Open Dockets

You can have all the security and verification measures in the world, but if the software isn't intuitive, nobody will want to use it. DocketBuilder uses simple, clean drag-and-drop interfaces to make verifying and using dockets easy for all users. 

With DocketBuilder, you can quickly and easily view and extract all the files within a docket, including previously nested dockets. Whatever your use-case, DocketBuilder makes digital assurance easy. 

Digital Integrity Has Never Been Easier

Let our team show you how to secure your supply chain.

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