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Black Lantern®

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Black Lantern®

Your Gateway to KSI Security

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Secure Access to KSI with Black Lantern

Install Black Lantern to secure the boundary for KSI signatures between your networks and the world.

An integrated hardware and software platform, the Black Lantern is a hardened gateway server which gives you access to the Guardtime Federal KSI calendar to request immutable signatures that verify your digital integrity.

In addition to its application server capabilities, Guardtime Federal engineered the Black Lantern with robust encryption, communication, and active defense measures. Beyond remote attacks, it is also resistant to physical attacks.

Safeguard your critical network assets and assure your digital integrity for the future with Black Lantern by Guardtime Federal.

Protect Your Networks at Their Most Vulnerable Points

As a specially designed KSI gateway server, the Black Lantern operates on the perimeter of your internal networks: allowing authorized users to access the KSI calendar while simultaneously protecting your assets within from threats outside your organization.

The Black Lantern hardware will not execute unsigned code, preventing bad actors from installing malware on the device and high jacking your digital integrity infrastructure.

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Resilient Design for Comprehensive Security

Software intrusions aren’t the only way bad actors try to corrupt your information. Physical attacks can easily cripple your production. To counter this threat, Black Lantern is designed to resist physical tampering.

To withstand a broad variety of physical attack vectors, Black Lantern is equipped with advanced ASICs with custom-engineered tamper protection features and escalation reaction monitors.

The tamper resistant design means that it will stand up to attackers even if they get it on a work bench for reverse engineering.

Let us introduce you to Black Lantern

To see the capabilities of Black Lantern or any Guardtime Federal product for yourself, request a demo today.

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