Docket Builder

Guardtime Federal has been working with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics for 5 years on an ever-increasing level of integration with our digital integrity technologies. In that time Lockheed has made a significant investment necessary for adoption of Guardtime Federal integrity solutions to be implemented across their heritage capabilities. It is now time to extend the integration of integrity capabilities further left in the supply chain.

At Guardtime Federal we recognize that suppliers may not have the same level of resources or time to invest in customized integration as a prime integrator. We have developed our KSI® Docker Builder turnkey solution for rapid adoption that has a narrower list of features, is less expensive than the full developer customization tool suite, is simpler to implement, and easier to operate.


 With KSI Docket Builder a staff member at a supplier will be able to open an application, drag and drop any digital file into a window, fill in a few text fields, click “create” and the application will participate with the service to prepare your high integrity, immutable data package (called a docket) to be stored locally for transmission to a prime integrating customer by whatever means you currently use.

The service participation will include generating cryptographic attributes of your data in a process that will allow you and the prime integrator to forever verify the package authenticity, the source of the package, the time of creation, and the digital data contained in the package. Guardtime Federal will assure the prime has the tools to open the package and complete verification steps prior to for integration into their on-site processes.

To be clear, we at Guardtime Federal never see your data. The KSI Docket Builder product will run on your equipment and it will generate cryptographic artifacts and generate a signature that represents your data in a manner that can forever prove your data package is unaltered from when signed. When you send the prime your data and those artifacts, they will forever be able to verify the package authenticity and therefore its integrity.


 The service Guardtime Federal provides addresses integrity in the supply chain associated with software, information, and, with the availability of unique physical identifiers, parts in the physical supply chain.

Early demonstration and prototypes versions of KSI Docket Builder exist. We are in the final stages of refining the user interfaces and completing cyber vulnerability testing on the software. Product delivery is expected in Jan 2021. In the meantime, demonstrations are available for product introductions and to solicit customer feedback.

At Guardtime Federal we look forward to connecting with you one-on-one for a more detailed introduction to the features of the service and our ability to implement mathematically provable integrity in your contributions to the defense supply chain. We can schedule online or in person demonstrations at any level. Please use the link below to request more details.

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