Guardtime Federal, LLC (GTF) is a Delaware limited liability company established in 2014 to exclusively support the cyber security and related requirements of the Department of Defense, the U.S. Intelligence Community, other U.S. government departments and the industrial community that supports these U.S. government organizations. GTF licenses technology and knowhow from a foreign parent, Guardtime Holdings, to adopt for US Government customers. To mitigate any potential for inappropriate foreign influence, GTF operates independently, consistent with a pending DOD Special Security Agreement with the Defense Security Service.

GTF embraces the stringent federal regulations geared to assure government customers of compliance with US security objectives. This guarantees government customers, and their other enabling Cleared Defense Contractors, issues like FOCI have been successfully mitigated ensuring protection against inappropriate disclosure of export controlled, OPSEC sensitive and classified information.

GTF is wholly owned by Guardtime USA, Inc. a Delaware corporation. Guardtime USA, Inc. is wholly owned by Guardtime Holdings, a British Virgin Islands corporation.