What is Guardtime’s Resonance Platform?

Guardtime Resonance provides an adaptable platform enabling data attribution to solve everyday problems.

The platform is built on three key tenets:

Cryptographic Data Provenance

Leveraging KSI Signatures for Data Integrity, Guardtime’s Resonance Platform builds event correlations in a novel and efficient manner.  These event correlations can provide the full lifecycle of data from producer to consumer, allowing for more effective decision making and analytics.

Interoperable Standards

In the world we live in today, very few organizations can truly work in a silo’d environment.  As data is shared across technological, organizational and even classification boundaries, standards need to be agreed upon to effectively make use of any shared data.  Guardtime’s Resonance Platform works to build these standards in an extensible manner to quickly solve any use case.

Ease of Integration

Using KSI and the Resonance platform provides cryptographic evidence down to the data level.  This concept allows the integration into our customers large investments in current infrastructure, rather then the standing up of new enterprise services.